F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions we receive.

No, admission to The Haunting at Horse Creek is by donation only (minimum $10).

Ultimately that decision is up to the parent or guardian of the child. Although we do not recommend children below the age of ten years.

From beginning to end the event will take about 45 minutes although slightly longer or shorter times are not unusual.

Each story recounted by the storyteller is based upon his own careful research of an event which occurred in this area.

The Haunting at Horse Creek is primarily a haunted trail which means there is walking involved throughout the event.

Primarily The Haunting at Horse Creek has sought to help individuals and/or families within the local community impacted by Cancer, but may on a case by case basis provide help to individuals/families or organizations which are not Cancer related.

Everyone involved does so on a voluntary basis.

Each year 100% of the proceeds are donated.

Use the information on the contact page to contact the event organizer and express your interest in volunteering.