AboutThe Haunting at Horse Creek

Few things are more frightening than The Haunting at Horse Creek, but the dreaded diagnosis of some dire disease or a terrible family tragedy is. The team of volunteers — consisting largely of friends and family — who produce The Haunting at Horse Creek work toward the day when such terrors no longer evoke fear. Because of the generous efforts of those volunteers as well as the throngs of brave souls who make the trip to Horse Creek to walk — let’s be honest often run — through The Haunting at Horse Creek, you know who you are, that day is closer than ever.

But charity isn’t The Haunting at Horse Creek’s only aim. Each year those same volunteers seek new ways to scare the stuffing out of people, and create a unique experience rivaling the very best professional haunts. With its chilling combination of both atmosphere and story The Haunting at Horse Creek manages to do just that.